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Includes good anatomical information from Washington State University, College of Veterinary Medicine. Clear images and simple explanations on the anatomy of the cat or dog.  Anatomy of the Dog and Cat

Excellent, thorough client reference site. Affiliated with the Veterinary School at the University of Missouri at Columbia, this site reviews canine seizure disorders, treatment, history and more.  Understanding Your Pet's Epilepsy

This is the American Animal Hospital Association web site for pet owners AHAH Healthy Pet

Old Don Haven Click Here

This is the home page for the ASPCA.

Chronic Renal Failure is common in older cats.  This site was created to make the search for information faster and easier for people with CRF cats.  Click Here

This site has information about behavior as well as information on puppy aptitude tests and what to prepare for before bringing a new puppy home Click Here

Avid is the microchip company we use.  This is a link about the chip and also a locator for lost or found pets via PetTrac. Click Here

The American Kennel Club web site has information on breeds, buying a puppy, breeder referral, canine good citizens, DNA testing and more. Click Here

Check this AKC page before buying a puppy. Click Here

This AKC page will connect you to breed rescue organizations.  There are many fantastic dogs that can be obtained through rescue.  Click Here

The Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue Organization is a fantastic place to find a new pet and to find individuals that go out of their way to help pets of their chosen breed. Click Here

This is a library of pet health diseases. Click Here

Traveling with your pet?  The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has prepared guidelines, requirements and hints for a safe trip  Click Here

A premier site for pet nutrition advice and homemade diets from veterinary nutritionists. is designed for pet owners interested in learning more about their dog and cat's nutrition from veterinary nutritionists, and for those seeking guidance on how best to feed their pet from experienced veterinarians specializing in pet nutrition. Click Here

 If you click on the WSU Click Here, it will take you only to the main WSU site.  

VetMed Link  If you click on the pets/health topics, it will take you to the desired site.  Detailed, well presented information for pet owners on procedures (administering ear medications, clipping nails, etc.), common problems (coughing, diarrhea, etc.), diseases and miscellaneous health care topics. Put together by Washington State University, College of Veterinary Medicine.

Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Project Click Here

The Humane Society Click Here

This is a great link for pets and kids, including things to consider about before getting a pet before or after you have kids. Click Here


This is a link to Ian Dunbar's handouts on behavior problems in pets. Problems addressed include House-training, Destructive Chewing, Excessive Barking, Digging, Home Alone, Puppy Biting, Fear of People, Dogs & Children, Fighting, Hyper Dog, Pulling on Leash, Come-Sit-Down-Stay, Kitty Training Click Here